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A nice addition to our range of machines are the provers. Those who already have followed a few baking courses, already had some experience with a proofer and learned to appreciate the advantages.

Our provers are provided with a temperature control and a humidification system with removable water tank.

  • The temperature can be set to heat up to 60°C (140°F). This way you have full control over the proving process.
  • With the humidifier you prevent dehydration of the products or crustification of the dough. The dough will maintain its full suppleness and thus undergoes a smooth transition to the oven rice during the baking. Moreover the final crust is influenced positively: it becomes crispier.

What most people consider difficult to do, namely baking crispy pistolets (a small crusty bread roll) and french stick (loaf), becomes now a lot easier!


(Construction and model changes reserved)

Fits with the ovens B30/B40
Number of places for the baking trays 6
Dimensions baking trays 47 x 47 (cm.) / 18.50 x 18.50 (inch)
External dimensions 60B/64D/92H (cm.) / 23.62W/25.20D/36.22H (inch)
Connected load 550 W - 230 V
Weight 40 kg (88.18 lbs)
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