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ROFCO B20 Oven - Cuptor B20

ROFCO B20 Oven - Cuptor B20

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The perfect Overn for Rezidential-HORECA baking-cooking.It has a capacity of 6 loafs of 850gr (187lbs) or 9 loafs of 600gr (1.32 lbs) at the same time on stone. It features 2 steam vents. Perfect for cooking-baking of medium quantities of bread loafs, pizza, buns, bagels,pastries, etc. 
The ideal oven for coffee shops, bitros's, micro-bakeries, artisanal bakeries, artisanal pastry shops and other medium sized businesses which offer bakery and pastry products in medium quantities.

 FREE Starter Kit- When you purchase the B20 Oven you receive 3 Baking Trays and 3 Reusable Baking sheets as a GIFT! 

Dough capacity 6 kg / 13.23 lbs
Number of baking surfaces 3
Dimensions baking surfaces 30 x 48 (cm.) / 11.81 x 18.90 (inch)
External dimensions 37B/60D/83H (cm.) / 14.57W/23.62D/32.68H (inch)
Connected load 2,5 KW - 230 V
Weight 56 kg / 123.46 lbs
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fun and efficient

Having owned Rofco B20 for just a couple of weeks I can already say it is rapidly becoming a major stepping stone in my bread baking journey. Properly utilized, B20 can transform the workflow and output of a skilled home baker.

As for me, I need to practice way more to become proficient at baking, and B20 gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that. Coming from a Dutch oven method, making bread seems to be more fun now, and experimentation with various doughs is something I am looking forward to with anticipation. Bread aside, whatever else I bake in my B20 (so far croissants and focaccia) is of higher, more consistent quality than I could ever produce with my home oven. Fire bricks retain substantial amounts of heat for hours on end, so one of my struggles - nailing down the proofing times - is less of a hindrance: if I have several items scheduled to be baked on a given day, I can toss the "proofing stragglers" in later on in the day, largely skipping the time-consuming, wasteful reheating. B20 can spew out batches of bread, buns, and pastries without breaking a sweat.

Another standout feature of B20 is that it fits so well in a home kitchen setting (partly due to its compact size), as I know it does in a professional bakery. I'm sure that with this oven you could start selling your products to friends and family as a side hustle, and take a step back if you don't succeed - with no regrets. Or, on the contrary, buy an additional unit and expand your enterprise. If you're a risk-averse rookie home baker like me, you can't go wrong investing in a Rofco.

Frankly, I have been entertaining the idea of setting up a micro bakery business myself sometime in the future, in which case I suspect I'd need an extra oven. If I obtain the necessary funds (hopefully sooner rather than later!) and muster up the courage to take the plunge, I will return to friendly folks at Artisan Baker :-).

(The loaves in the video are a mixture of spelt, wheat, and rye flours, hydration is slightly above 70%.)

Krzysztof Głuszek
Great product and seller!

The Rofco B20 oven is a dream come true for someone whose passion is baking bread and, in general, pastries. My wife has been baking sourdough bread for 1.5 years, always using our ordinary, old oven for this purpose. The bread was, of course, healthy and tasty, but it lacked the proper appearance and crust. We've had the B20 for a week now, and today is the second time my wife has baked bread using it. The level of baking, color, and crispiness of the crust is unbeatable; we have never come close to achieving such results before.

I love the simplicity and straightforward construction of the B20; it seems like it will work smoothly for many years. Initially, we were considering the purchase of the B5 and B10, but ultimately, we went for the B20, and it turned out after just a week that it was a very good decision. My wife bakes effortlessly up to 6 0.8kg loaves at once, and the dimensions of the B20 are such that it fits perfectly into our kitchen. It stands on the floor and has the same height as the kitchen counter.

We still need to experiment with temperatures and baking times, but we are very satisfied with the B20.

We are from Poland, and we ordered our B20 from in Romania. Initially, we had some concerns because we had never purchased anything from this store or country before, and it was challenging to find reviews and opinion from other users. Ovens like Rofco are quite a niche topic. Nevertheless, we can wholeheartedly recommend The customer service turned out to be top-notch; we communicated through phone calls, chat, and email, and the store's team was very responsive and helpful. The B20 was available immediately, and literally, three days later, a truck with the equipment was in front of our house. The friendly driver even helped me carry the heavy equipment into the house.

In summary, we give the highest possible rating to both the product and store. Well done!