ROFCO B10 Oven - Cuptor B10

ROFCO B10 Oven - Cuptor B10

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Baking oven for small households. Bakes 4 loaves weighing 850 gr (1.87 lbs) or 6 loaves weighing 600 gr (1.32 lbs) at the same time on stone. Features one steam vent. Suitable for smaller items such as sandwiches, pistolets (a small crusty bread roll), etc...
The ideal oven for coffee shops, bitros's, micro-bakeries, small and medium sized businesses which offer bakery and pastry products in smaller to medium quantities.

Cuptor destinat gatitului rezidential. Are capacitate de coacere a 4 paini de 850gr (1.87lbs) sau a 6 paini de 600gr (1.32 lbs) deodata pe placa de piatra. Are 1 orificiu de ventilatie pentru degajarea vaporilor de abur. Este perfect pentru gatirea cantitatilor mici -medii de paini,chifle,pizza,cozonaci,etc. 
Un cuptor ideal pentru cafenele, bistro-uri, Micro-Brutarii, afaceri mici si medii care ofera diferite produse de panificatie si patiserie in cantitati mici-medii.  

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Dough capacity 4 kg / 8.82 lbs
Number of baking surfaces 2
Dimensions baking surfaces 30 x 48 (cm.) / 11.81 x 18.90 (inch)
External dimensions 37B/60D/64H (cm.) / 14.57W/23.62D/25.20H (inch)
Connected load 1,8 KW - 230 V
Weight 35 kg / 77.16 lbs